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Minco Exploration is pleased to provide the following information to our stakeholders. All information is provided for informational purposes only, and is not intended for any trading, business, financial, or legal purpose. 

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Warrants Outstanding: Nil
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Insiders Hold  ~10%*

As At: 31 December 2021

Transfer Agent

Minco Exploration currently uses Computershare Investor Services (Ireland) Ltd. as its Transfer Agent.

Computershare Investor Services (Ireland) Ltd.
3100 Lake Drive,
Citywest Business Campus,
Dublin 24, D24 AK82

Telephone+353 (0) 1447 5566

 Relating to Minco:

                      01 447 5498 (within Ireland)
                     +353 1 447 5498 (outside Ireland)
Fax:              +35 31 216 3151

History of Minco Exploration

Minco PLC, traded on AIM, completed a Plan of Arrangement with Buchans Minerals Corporation (CUSIP #11801R108 / ISIN # CA11801R1082) in 2013 under which shareholders of Buchans Minerals Corporation
received shares of Minco PLC.

Minco PLC(ISIN # IE0004678326) was acquired by Dalradian Resources Inc. in August 2017 under a Scheme of Arrangement whereby shareholders of Minco PLC received shares of Dalradian and shares of
Buchans Resources Limited.

Buchans Resources Limited shares (CUSIP # 11802F103 / ISIN # CA11802F1036) were distributed to all shareholder of Minco PLC in September 2017 as a spin out to shareholders of Minco PLC upon the
acquisition of Minco PLC by Dalradian Resources Inc.

Dalradian Resources was acquired by Orion Mine Finance in September 2018 and shareholders received C$1.47 cash for each share of Dalradian Resources held.

Buchans Resources Limited completed a group reorganization by way of a Plan of Arrangement and distributed to its shareholders on 31 December 2019 shares of Canadian Manganese Company Inc. (CUSIP# 136343100 / ISIN # CA1363431000) and Exchangeable Warrants on the basis of one share of Canadian Manganese and one Exchangeable Warrant for each share of Buchans Resources held.

Buchans Resources Exchangeable Warrants (CUSIP # 11802F111 / ISIN # CA11802F1119) were issued to all shareholders of Buchans Resources on 31 December 2019, exchangeable for shares of Minco Exploration PLC or additional shares of Buchans Resources, on the basis of one Exchangeable Warrant for each share of Buchans Resources held.

Each Exchangeable Warrant not previously exchanged was automatically exchanged on 31 December 2020, for shares of Minco Exploration PLC (CUSIP #G6177V 108 / ISIN # IE00BKKKMH04) on the basis of one share of Minco Exploration for each Exchangeable Warrant held.

Shareholders of Buchans Resources, including former shareholders of Minco PLC, who did not dispose of their shares of Buchans Resources, now hold shares in each of Buchans Resources, Canadian Manganese, and (excluding shareholders who elected to exchange for additional shares of Buchans) Minco Exploration.